Shop Services

Our list of shop services is impressive by any standard in the stock car racing industry. We offer every service that you will need to ensure a great experience and a durable, powerful engine under the hood of your race car.

Dyno Service in House
Rottler Service
BHS Lifter/Block TRU
Block Boring/Honing
Block Decking
Crankshaft Straightening
Crankshaft Grinding
Flow Bench Work
Rod & Crankshaft Astro Fluxing
Rod & Reconditioning, Resizing
Straightness Checking/Polishing
Wrist Pin Fitting
• Manifold Milling
• Aluminum Head Work
• Porting Work
• Combustion Chamber Chamber Work
• Misc. Performance Work
• Heading CC'ing
• Cam Degreeing
• Compression Specs/Mock Up
• Complete Assembly
• Caustic Jet Spray/Boil Out Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
• Latest Tech Serdi Cut Valve Jobs
• Fly Wheel Grinding
• Brake Drum/Rotor Resurfacing
• Balancing
• Pressure Testing (Blocks/Heads)
• Crack Repair
• Radiator Recore & Repair
• Splay Cap Installation
• Steel Shot Blast Cleaning
• Cylinder Head Milling
• Guide & Seat Replacement

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